Prepare for Additional Changes Related to Dyslexia Evaluation and Instruction in 2023-2024 

HB 3928, also known as the Beckley Wilson Act, is waiting to be signed by the Governor after passing the House and Senate. The bill originated from a parent-led, grassroots group named Texas Dyslexia Coalition and was strongly supported by other disability advocacy groups across the state. Although the message behind the bill was that it was intended to codify the Dyslexia Handbook and provide clarity for schools, the original bill contained significantly more onerous requirements for districts. With the work and collaboration of groups like TCASE and the voices of special education staff and evaluators, the final bill resulted in something more workable and agreeable for all. 

The Top Three Changes to the Texas Dyslexia Handbook Schools Should Know Now

On February 10, 2022, updates to the Texas Dyslexia Handbook went into effect. The State Board of Education (SBOE) previously approved the handbook revisions in September 2021. The changes necessitate updates to school district policies, procedures, and practices related to dyslexia.

Because dyslexia remains a “hot button issue” in Texas, including a growing subject of special education litigation, schools should prioritize compliance with the procedures in the updated handbook. To facilitate the updates schools should undertake, here are the three most significant changes from the handbook that Texas schools should know and act on now.